Promoting Regional Economic Development
& Indian Innovation

India - a Captive Market

  • The Top 5 states in the country share 46.3% in India's GDP – Maharashtra, TamilNadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka & Gujarat.
  • Each state, each city, each region of the country present a very different opportunity.
  • There is a need to create local self-sustainable eco systems to promote economic development at regional level.

Sourcing Innovation from India

  • With over 1000 startups getting added every year, India is a hotbed of Technologies & Innovation.
  • Indian startups have demonstrated the ability to match and deliver the expectations of International markets such as US, UK, Canada.
  • With a strong focus on Revenue Generation through Market Access, the istarthub India program enables Domestic startups to scale beyond India.

What will Startups get out of this Program?



Regional Stakeholder Resources

Market Access (Domestic/International)

Advisor or
Mentor Panel

Local Talent



  • The program does not apply to idea stage or prototype stage companies.
  • For-profit, incorporated for no more than five years as of the application submission date, with a valid business registration number.
  • The angel/VC investment in the company is less than $3M.
  • Using or developing technology-based innovation or innovative processes for competitive advantage across sectors which is designed for global markets.
  • Ownership of rights to commercialize the Intellectual Property. (e.g. patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.)
  • Strong founding team having a clarity of Exit Strategy.

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