Why focus on PropTech?

PropTech or RealTech is the use of technology and innovation that makes the real estate industry more dynamic, enabling us to sell, buy, build, rent and manage the real estate assets in a more efficient way. PropTech is a massive space, some of which includes use of smart devices and sensors to decrease bills and energy waste, real-time project information to the construction site supervisors, use of big data for purpose-built search engines for the buying and selling of properties, virtual reality for the architects to create designs in the virtual world and for investors to explore the same, blockchain for speeding up the process whereas drones for construction site inspection.


  • The program does not apply to idea stage or prototype stage companies.
  • For-profit, incorporated for no more than five years as of the application submission date, with a valid business registration number.
  • The angel/VC investment in the company is less than $3M.
  • Using or developing technology-based innovation or innovative processes for competitive advantage in the Proptech and relevant sectors which is designed for global markets.
  • Ownership of rights to commercialize the Intellectual Property. (e.g. patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.)

PropTech Verticals

Smart Realty Tech

Shared Economy

Real Estate FinTech

Construction Tech

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